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Women Entrepreneurial Skills Development & Learning Program

Are you early in your business startup?

Facing unexpected challenges?

Need some direction?

The WBC Jump Start Program is Your Convenient Solution!

Starting a business isn’t easy, but with a little help from your friends at LAEDA, we can get you on the right track. The Jump Start Series is made for busy entrepreneurs like you! This jam-packed series of five workshops, focuses on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs as they begin on their journey to starting and running a business.

The LAEDA WBC Jump Start Series is a 5 part series that provides a great opportunity for individuals who wish to learn how to start a business and for more experienced business owners wishing to learn best practices in operating a business. This event is free but you will need to register.

Our first night we will cover Business Basics For Starting a Small Business. During this seminar, you’ll learn the in and outs of starting and operating a small business, the challenges you’ll face and the resources available to help you get started and grow!

Topics Covered Will Include:
     • How to Start or Organize a Business Legally
     • Practical Steps for Launching or Growing a Business
     • Why a Business Plan is the Key to Success
     • What it Takes to Secure a Business Loan goals.
We recommend that you attend all 5 seminars in the series to gain the most benefit. Those who attend at least 3 of 5 seminars will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Schedule – The program is typically held one night per week for five weeks from 6PM to 8PM. The program is also offered via webinar.  Check our program calendar for upcoming offerings.


  • Business Basics

    This session creates the foundation of your business by providing an overview of the business startup process and important considerations.
  • Negotiating Skills and Your Personality Profile

    Identify your personality style and learn how it affects your negotiation skills in business.  This session is highly interactive.
  • Getting the Word Out – Marketing Your Business

    This session takes you through the basics of marketing, developing a message and creating a marketing plan that will attract the customers.
  • Work/Life Balance and Goal Setting – Strategies for Success

    This session offers ways for reaching balance in your life while also setting SMART goals to keep you moving in the right direction and on track.
  • Credit Management for Entrepreneurs

    Having good credit is a must for starting a business.  This session will teach you about credit and offer strategies to start fixing your credit.



8 crucial areas you need to consider prior to investing in starting a business

The effects of your personality on negotiations and how to use these insights to succeed

The basics of marketing and how to identify your true customer and how to communicate with them

Strategies for balancing your business and personal life successfully, time management and goal setting

How your FICO score is calculated, what “events” affect your credit and strategies you can use to start fixing your credit


No pre-requisites for this series. Those who enroll should have a general understanding of the business they would like to go into.

To enroll in the next offering of the Jump Start Series,
See our events page or call 856-338-1177