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Do you have a great business idea?

Need help getting it off the ground?

Don’t know where to start?

Get Started at the Women’s Business Academy

Starting a business is a major undertaking and no one should try to do it alone. The WBC is here to help, think of us as your trusted adviser; someone you can count on for sound advice and to be there when you need help along the way.

The Women’s Business Academy will teach you the fundamentals of starting a business in an engaging and interactive manner, resulting in a complete business plan.

The Women’s Business Academy is a 9-week business training course designed to teach individuals how to start and operate a small business. The program is held one time per year in the Winter. Applications are accepted in the Fall. The course is FREE, but you must qualify.

Schedule – The Academy is a 9-week course; totaling 75 hours of training. Classes are held 3 – 4 nights per week from 6pm – 8:30pm.



  • Business Planning

    7 units of business planning combined with one-on-one counseling, walk you through process of researching and writing a business plan.
  • Business Law

    2 units on the business law orient you on the effects the law has on the decisions you make when organizing and running your business.
  • Accounting

    4 units of accounting teach you the basics so you can understand how your business is doing financial and how to run it better.
  • Real Estate

    This unit teaches you the commercial leasing or purchasing process and when it makes financial sense to buy instead of rent.
  • Marketing

    4 units of marketing orient you on the science of marketing, how to use it to plan your products and promotion plan.
  • Personal & Professional Development

    3 units are dedicated to helping you grow as a person and build you to be the leader you need to be success in business.
  • Personnel

    This unit familiarizes you with your role as an employer, how to hire staff and what the government expects from you.
  • Insurance

    This unit explains the commercial insurance buying process, how to assess your coverage needs and how to understand your insurance policy.
  • Credit Management

    This unit will teach you about credit, how your FICO score is calculated and strategies to start fixing your credit.
  • Accessing Capital

    This unit reviews the lending process from the perspective of a banker and where you need to be to access the capital you need.
  • Time Management

    Want to get more done in less time? This unit offers strategies you can use to be more efficient and effective with your time.
  • Financial Literacy

    This unit teaches you how money works, the importance of budgets and how to invest your money to reach your goals.



A viable business idea

Capital to get started

Good credit, especially if capital is needed to start

2 to 3 years of supervisory or managerial level experience in the industry in which they wish to open the business

Time needed to get started

Support from your family

Plans to open a business in LAEDA’s service area – Southern New Jersey


To Join our community of successful entrepreneurs:
Complete an application form
Email wbc@laeda.com
Call 856-338-1177